About us

ChemiGastro company is exklusive sales and service partner for Atollspeed GmbH in Czech Republic. The company was founded in sole purpose of distribution and service of Atollspeed. Our sole aim is sales and warranty and post-warranty service of Atollspeed brand.

Atollspeed company is manufacturer of high speed hybrid ovens combining hot air and microwaves. Thanks to that it can prepare products as fast as 20 times faster than usual. Atollspeed technology is absolutely unique and unrivalled. State of the art technology, low operating cost and 100% reliability will guarantee to you our customers easy and efective solution for your businesses.

Vision of ChemiGastro company is bringing Atollspeed to mind of wide public and gastro society. This unique technology deserves much more place on the market and our goal is getting that place. Our customer is always first and foremost on our minds therefore our business relation does not end when you purchase the oven. We have other benefits ready for you. Our proffesional cheff can create the concept just for you or you can use our expertise from our past experience. Our team is ready to work with you whenever you need us to.


Daniel Záliš | Managing Director

Atollspeed ovens

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AS 300 H


AS 400 H


AS 300 T


AS 3080 T

For more info please do not hessitate to contact us:

+420 603 326 414



We have at our disposal a proffesional team of expert technicians and service advisors who can do warranty and post-warranty repairs, assembly of newly purchosed ovens, coordination and logistics and service ant technical advice on site right with customer. They can also secure for you technical training, training of your staff in your bussines site or in our showroom.

He have a perfect service coverage throughout all Czech Republic. You can rely on us 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

What we do:

  • Regular/Prophylactic service check ups
  • Deliveries and assembly of new devices
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Reactive service callouts reported on our hotline
  • Profesional and technical training and advice for customers in customers site or in our showroom

Do you have any issues? Is something not working correctly? Do not hessitate to contact us on our hotline. You can rely on us.

Chemigastro s.r.o.
Headquarters: Roháčova 145/14,
130 00 Praha 3
Showroom: Slévarenská 602,
Hostinné 54371
ID number: 06846467
Tax number: CZ06846467
Bank account: 181118111/5500
Phone:  +420 603 180 047
E-Mail: info@chemigastro.cz